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Recently, I asked my awesome followers on Instagram to tell me about their first International. The responses I got were amazing, and I appreciate everyone who took the time to share a little of their past with me. So many different stories, and yet they all have one thing in common… Their First International was definitely not their last.

Most people left a little comment or two, some even sent me pictures. I’m going to share them here with you, and link to their Instagram so you can check them out for yourself. So here we go, in no particular order…

“First IH… I bought it July 7th 2013, built it with my dad, rolled it September 2015, fixed it made it better and am daily driving it now! It’s even been to the Binder Boneyard for a visit” – project_phoenix_

“I cut the chassis all apart, bagged it and LS swapped it… Sorry hardcore IH folks! But now I want to build a scout… these trucks are addicting!” – c10addict

“I got my first IH September 4th 2016. Pulled it out of a field down in Oregon and got it for $300. Currently daily driving.” – thejoshsay

 “This was my first Scout, our family bought it for the farm in 1995. I was 8 and fell in love. Later we got another one, then one for parts. On my 18th birthday, my folks gifted me the titles. Me and my dad stripped her down and built her…


My first mechanic lessons were adjusting timing and four wheel drum brakes. I began working on it at 15. Since then I have acquired up to 6 at one time until I had to let some go. Couldn’t stand to neglect them. Still have four of them.” – webblavender





“It was around 1997 or so. She was a 74 Traveler junkyard find for $400. Tags were 10 years expired. Changed the fluids and put a battery in it. Ran fine for 4 years. I think the only thing I ever fixed was replacing the alternator” – firehouseleather


“I got my 1978 scout II when I was 15 as my first vehicle. Bought it off a farmer for $1200 and drove it home. Put a souped up 345 and a new transmission and transfer case in it. Also have done a thousand other things to it lol. Scroll through my IG page, I’ve got lots of pics of it.” – kirk_george





“My first International was the first truck I ever drove and I still have it. It was my grandfather’s farm truck. It’s a 1958 A-130 that he got used in the 60’s. I have had it for about 20 years and recently converted it to 4 wheel drive. Pictures on my page.” – tim_p_b







“Got my 76 Scout 2 last Sept, Labor Day weekend. 2nd Owner. Original owner bought her in 77, and drove her till he passed in 2012. Grandkids put her in pasture as deer lease truck. She had deer corn in the back when I drove her home. Would love you guys to look her over if you were in Texas. I love her, named her Rollie.” – amamie1974

“My dad had (2) 800’s when I was a kid. The first ended up getting sucked into the ocean and bashed repeatedly against a big rock by the waves and the second was stolen out of a repair shop in ’74 and never recovered. I’m on my 3rd.” – woolyiswooly

I’m really hoping the 3rd time’s the charm for woolyiswooly 🙂

“1963 Scout 80. Sprung over, open gears, 31’s, spray painted black and grey camo. Lottsa fun and lottsa broken Dana 27 axle keys!” – b42575p

“It was winter 1985, it snowed 12″ here. Grandpa drove up in his 1973 Yellow Scout II. Streets were covered in snow and it was crazy, most snow I ever seen then. Our driveway was pretty steep. It walked right up it!! I was sold! Lucky enough to still have it to this day.” – scott_stroud



“This is my first IH, a 65 d1200 Travellette. Bought it in 2013 but just started the build now because of title issues. It’s getting rebuilt as a 5/4 ton farm truck with cucv axles, a 5 speed overdrive Spicer medium duty trans from a 5 ton army truck, and a dt358 IH diesel from a combine” – giterdunn




“Grew up in the 80’s – both of my parents had travellers as daily drivers. Mom had a dark red 78 and my dad had an orange 76. My grandpa was an International mechanic and his property was littered with derelict Scout IIs. He drove an early 60s half ton international truck with a horse hood ornament. Later, my dad had a brown 1970 International half ton truck with 8 ft fleet side bed and a plow on the front. We called it Betsy.” – aaronbubenheim

“I got my first International when I was 8 years old. My dad already had several and when a friend of his backed out of buying a ’42 K-3 dually stake bed, we went to look at it. I fell for it and we bought it. At age 15, we got into it and after extensive work, it was done in time to drive it to high school prom. Now I have 6 Internationals and my dad has many more.” – ariebulk

“I was 16 and wanted a fast car. Dad, however, suggested that I take a look at the neighbors 1962 C110 International Truck. With only ~25,000 miles, it was clean and a beautiful red, excellent original condition truck. I agreed with Dad (he was lending me the cash for the purchase). Never been sorry I made the purchase, now 30 years later, I have three other International trucks that need some love and care to get them road worthy.” – alpens

“Not running blue 1969 1/2 ton pickup. I was 14 and it needed WAY more than I had the ability to do with it at the time. Paid $500. Still have it all these years later, and it still needs a whole lot of work.” – edeedsy

“My first International – I still have it. I purchased it when I was 18, working at Calamity Janes, washing dishes. I was fortunate enough to buy it from a guy who worked for my Uncle Tom at Vanport Mill in Boring, and I went to school with his son, Tony. They were nice enough to let me make payments! A grand total of $850. My poor Scout went through Tony’s high school abuse and then went through my 20’s with me. I still drive it a couple few times a week and truly enjoy the misery of driving it lol.” – reclaimed_desigens


“The Scout that started it all for me. The orange one was a friends. Was odd, like something an old man would take fishing… Then I saw it go through the woods on bald car tires and I had to have one. Saved up all summer so I could get the red one. Not only the first Scout, but first vehicle. I think I’ve owned over 50, most parts trucks” – cumminskiller

“I bought Project Crusty the 1967 International 1200b when I was 19. It was my second truck, she was running and driving when I bought her. She had too much rust to pass inspection and she just sat for a while until this past fall when I started tearing her down and working on her in all my free time.” – crusty_rustys_restoration

“It belonged to my coworker’s brother, who passed away. His widow was going to junk it. It’s a 2WD 80 converted to 4×4, has a 283 and a bunch of 800 interior pieces. Also has a Malibu steering column and bucket seats. It started me down a path that saw 10+ 80s and 800s wind up at my house. I have that original one, a ’62 and a ’63 parts rig, plus enough parts to build another one!” – mugfors

And last, but not least (but because it contained the most pics and gave me a great ending to this post)…


“My first IH truck memory is riding in this A160 with my grandpa driving and ‘helping’ put up silage. Loved watching out the back window when dumping and seeing if we got stuck.

I wasn’t born when that picture was taken, but I still have the truck. In fact, this spring I bought a “twin” parts truck for my A160.







My dad on the 560 with a hired man driving the truck. I barely remember that tractor.





My great grandpa had the local IHC dealership and this is how we ended up with so many IHC pieces of equipment.




Back in the 80’s we rented a neighbor’s combine and my dad, brother, hired man and myself covered a lot of ground. My first memory of driving a combine.

We were rolling large with a 1480, 1460, our 1700 Loadstar and, of course, the A160.




My Dad with our ’62 C110. We still have it, but not quite in this good of shape lol.








I finally bought my very first IH truck last fall. A ’49 KB2 off of the original owner’s son.


I could go on and on, but you’re already likely sorry you asked for memories”


Of course, I told him I was definitely NOT sorry I asked and thanked him for sharing, to which he replied…


“I’ve only recently admitted to myself that I have an IH problem, I think it’s hereditary” – jeff__elder

Well, Jeff, it looks like you’re in great company here. I’m so thankful to all of you who shared and to all of you who read all the way through our longest blog to date 🙂

Until next time…

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