Boneyard Bio: Boneyard Stef

Today, the Boneyard would like to introduce all of you to our newest helper, Stefanie. She started recently and has been super helpful doing teardown work and pretty much any other dirty job Dan can come up with.

Stefanie is tiny, but she’s tough and isn’t afraid to get dirty. That means she fits right in here at the Boneyard! We’re grateful to have her and can’t wait to see her learn and grow in this new position.

Stefanie’s current task

When Stefanie isn’t at the Boneyard, you’re likely to find her out fishing with her kids or riding her dirt bike (told ya, she’s tough and she likes to get dirty!)

Go follow BoneyardStef on Instagram and give her a warm welcome to the Binder Boneyard Team!!


Thanks for reading, we appreciate all of you SO much!



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