Boneyard Bio: Rodie The Shop Dog

Figured I would give y’all a glimpse into the WHO behind Binder Boneyard with some short bios on the people who make things happen around here.

We’re starting off with one of the most valued members:

Rodie is the¬†quintessential shop dog. She’s been with Binder Boneyard for about 2 years now. She excels at greeting customers, keeping me company in the office, and playing fetch in the Boneyard.

She also likes to pose for pics, when properly bribed with the promise of being seen by millions (ok, I may have exaggerated the blog’s audience, but she doesn’t need to know that).

She loves all things International, which is why she’s a key member of the team here.



Thanks for checking out the blog, I appreciate you all SO much!

The Boneyard Kitten


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