The 66 Red Travelall

Earlier this month, Dan and I went to pick up this Red International Travelall. She wasn’t much to look at, at first, but as usual, Dan saw her potential. So, he loaded her up and brought her back to the Boneyard.

Once she was in the Boneyard, Dan gave her a bath, and that’s when we started to see just how awesome she was.

Talk about a transformation! She’s got some rust (which is to be expected), her side glass pieces are excellent, 304, 4 speed, manual, and she has a clear title.

I spent a little time cleaning up the inside, and she is super neat. Sure, she needs some TLC, but boy would it be worth it!  At this time, Dan is considering selling her whole or parting her out. For more information on that, or to make an offer, please Contact Us or reach out to Dan on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks again, for checking out our blog! We appreciate you all SO much!


The Boneyard Kitten


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