Lil Ugly


Dan calls her Lil Ugly, and honestly, it’s probably the best name for her, but I think she’s beautiful. Maybe I just have a thing for the runts of the world, they just need a little extra love. Lil Ugly would make a great daily driver, with just a little TLC.

Tom was driving her to and from the Boneyard every day for a while. Pretty much everything works as it should, even the horn. She’s got a lot of new parts, but she definitely needs some body and upholstery work.

She has a special place in my heart, and I’d hate to see her go, but she is up for sale and she deserves a good home. If you’re interested, or have any questions, contact Dan.

Here’s some of the important bits:

67 Scout 800.



Well, there you have her. Lil Ugly, in all her glory. She may not be the prettiest, but she sure could be.

Thanks again, for checking out the blog. You guys rock!

The Boneyard Kitten


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